Heyy guys, I'm rina:) from Macao. I love KAT-TUN and NEWS veryyyyyyy much. They are my sweeties, lovers and my family. I believe the love between TEGOMASS,KOYASHIGE and MARUDA, they are so sweet :D
Especially KAZU baby♥TEGONYAN♥
For me, I have a lot of dream to fulfill and enjoy my happy life in tokyo all the time.
love daydreaming very much and photography like kazuya :D
nice to meet all you guysssss!!!

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  • 2014.09.21 ItteQ Calendar Project: I’m Everyone’s Darling, Tegoshi Yuya

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  • noturtoy:

    These lines come to my mind when I see Tegoshi

    "I’m your go-go dancer,
    Midnight answer,
    Jukebox sweetheart,
    Queen of the night.”

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  • 1-800-tiny-nip:

    Kinki & KAT-TUN

    From: Shounen Club Premium 2014.09.17

    (My crappy translation, don’t trust it)

  • snowwhitetroubles:

    Yes for this sunday’s Going! suit.

    Source: “Kamenashi Kazuya Facebook”.
  • trashinurminds:

    Maquia Kame
    *Pic not mine, I only editing the color*